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At last we're making wine again.

We have moved from our Johannesburg cellar and getting ready to make wine at our new farm cellar took over two years. So whilst the name changes from Joburg Wine to White Duck Red Cow, the passion to make small batches of really interesting wines remains as high as ever. The 2019/2020 harvest is in and we've got some really exciting things 

to look forward too. 

Harvest report

Very dry season

Grapes very small

All the sugars  reached 24 balling with ease. Acid's over 7 (very rare for our area)

Harvested Chenin Blanc, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. All excellent condition. Very slow fermentations. Malo completed with ease.


White Duck Red Cow Grenache is in the bottle

After six months in the tank we decided to bottle the Grenache. Once again it's wonderfully fresh with the most intense red berry flavor. The acid is amazingly well integrated. We kept the sulphur down to an absolute minimum so those that don't do well with piles of sulphide in their wine you've got a good friend here. We are going to be making all 500 bottle only available from the Greenlands Farm  Shed Store so if you're passing by pop in and grab a case or two. 

shed open small5.jpg
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