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After long hours

of  distilling and  blending we finally happy with our lemon liqueur and Italian style grappa.

Limoni du Cap is a 100% pure Italian Limoncello made with fresh, ripe, sun drenched lemons from the Cape. The thinnest peeled skins were soaked in 97% proof alcohol for over 30 days extracting the rich lemon oils out of the skins. Refreshed with sugar and water distilled with lemon rinds down to 24%. Taste and enjoy  the most intense, concentrated 

lemon flavors ever. 

greenlands grappa and lemon 45x753.jpg
greenlands grappa and lemon 45x752.jpg

Septimius Severus is a grappa made in the old traditional Italian way using the pomace of Chenin Blanc. Twice distilled using small 25litre copper stills the grappa is smooth as silk but still has intense fresh fruit from the Chenin blanc grapes.

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